A long time from now

Today is a hard day. I can’t think that things of this nature get easier; just more commonplace. Supporting the friends I’ve made is always the main point, but it’s not always easy.

It seems that good friends know how to suck it up when needed.


Win 10 skeins of cashmere

Win 10 skeins of cashmere. Who doesn’t want a chance to get free yarn?

New beginnings

This blog is dedicated to musings on knitting, yarn and life in general.  As with any good knitter, there is a story behind the desire to start a pattern, try a new yarn or pick a certain color.

I have tried very hard not to develop a specialty yet, but I tend to lean towards cute/novelty beanies for babies.  Not to be mistaken for beanie babies.  As the mother of a growing, little man–I call him a little man because he sounds much more like an adult than a child on a regular basis.  Casualty of being an only child–I tend to lean towards little baby knits.   I love them.  I can’t help it.  There is not a time when I haven’t looked at baby clothes, blankets, toys, accessories for little ones.  I’ve even day dreamed about what I would have put my son in had I been as avid a San Jose Sharks fan as I am now.  Their onesies for boys and girls are beyond adorable.

Examples of my work: