New beginnings

This blog is dedicated to musings on knitting, yarn and life in general.  As with any good knitter, there is a story behind the desire to start a pattern, try a new yarn or pick a certain color.

I have tried very hard not to develop a specialty yet, but I tend to lean towards cute/novelty beanies for babies.  Not to be mistaken for beanie babies.  As the mother of a growing, little man–I call him a little man because he sounds much more like an adult than a child on a regular basis.  Casualty of being an only child–I tend to lean towards little baby knits.   I love them.  I can’t help it.  There is not a time when I haven’t looked at baby clothes, blankets, toys, accessories for little ones.  I’ve even day dreamed about what I would have put my son in had I been as avid a San Jose Sharks fan as I am now.  Their onesies for boys and girls are beyond adorable.

Examples of my work:


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